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LaQueena Min

Director/ Directress

 Hi there! I'm Queen. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati and Korea University with a bachelor of arts in psychology and international affairs. I have been teaching children for 12 years in the U.S. and as a teacher here in South Korea. I have a lot of experience working with children, and I also spent the last five years working in childcare on both Jeju Island and Seoul. I truly love working with children and taking the time to approach each kid as an individual to help them grow. Nothing makes me happier than being around children and showing them how much I treasure Montessori and play. I am certified in both CPR and basic first aid. When I'm not in school or babysitting, I enjoy painting, singing, dancing, reading, video games, and playing with my cat. I'd love the opportunity to have a consultation to get to know your family and would be able to provide references. My goal is to share the love of Jeju with the children here. I want to give them a stress-free environment that can remind them of home, and yet feel the love of Korean culture here on Jeju Island. I love nature, and that's what brought me here to Jeju Island. I hope to help strengthen our international community and help children appreciate where they live. And how amazing and proud they should be to live in another country.

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