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We are delighted that you have found Nature House and will be joining the family soon! We are so lucky to be able to tutor or babysit your child!


Please review the following instructions to complete the enrollment process.

To reserve a space with Nature House, please submit the Tuition Agreement and the enrollment fee to the director soon.


Verbal notice of your desire to place your child in Nature House's services will not be sufficient to hold that space open for your child.  In addition, please note that your enrollment is not considered legally binding until all forms/documents listed below are received.

The following enrollment forms must be completed and received at lease one week prior to your child’s starting date.

Summary of Required Enrollment Documents:

1. Enrollment Packet which includes:

  • Policies and Procedures Form

  • Tuition Agreement

  • Emergency Medical Authorization

  • Enrollment Form

  • Photo Release Form

  • Medication Administration Form

Please note that the office will send the enrollment packet via email for your signature.


 If your child has any food allergies, please carefully state their special dietary restrictions on the admission form.

To Enroll:

Please submit all enrollment documents by one of the following methods:

By Email:

This is the preferred method as this saves processing time and paper.

Please attach all forms/documents into a single email message and indicate ‘ENROLLMENT-Your Last Name‘ in the subject line.

*Please send the applicable deposit of one week of whatever service you decide to sign up for.*

Please note that Nature House accepts payment via PayPal.  Payments can be submitted directly from our PayPal page.  Please be advised that there will be a 3% processing fee for all PayPal payments so please be sure to include this fee in the total when remitting payment.

Thank You for joining our family! Our office will be confirming your placement.

For more information call


Here you can find information for a Drop-In & the schedule for the month:



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