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The mission of our specialized group/individual "tutoring" is to provide all children with a rich English-speaking environment that enables them to be contributing members of a multiethnic, multicultural, pluralistic society. We seek to create an environment that achieves a sense of order, concentration, coordination, independence, good manners, and awareness of color, sound, shape, texture, language, and the love for learning through a holistic based program. We ensure that each student is a successful learner, is fully respected, and learns to respect others. At Nature House, we put stock in learning through play, Montessori work and critical thinking. We grow every day with our personalized educational program.

Health & Safety

When you’re choosing a child care provider, it is important to look for evidence that your child’s health and safety will be a priority. Looking for a licensed program is one step you can take to help choose a safe place for your child.

What rules and regulations do child care providers in your country follow to protect your child’s health and safety? Are child care providers screened for past criminal activity? What training should child care providers have before they begin caring for your child?

The Ministry of Education requires even babysitters to sign up to have a license to protect you and your child. Please make sure if you find other babysitters around that they are following the rules and regulations, and that are licensed for childcare services or individual tutoring.


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